Matthew Cox

Actor, Singer & Musician

Who Am I?

I'm a 25 year old Actor and Singer living just outside London UK. I was born and raised in England and at the age of 13 began wanting to act. This led me to various amateur dramatic organisation's such as Stagecoach where I learnt to sing and dance as well. A couple of years down the line and I was involved in a project that gave me the opportunity to sing in front of thousands of people at the O2 and Wembley Arena (to name a couple). At 15 I wasn't able to juggle both acting and singing which made acting take a bit of a back seat in my life, albeit I was still studying drama at Sunbury Manor School and Strodes College. 
I left college and applied for Drama Schools. I was accepted onto Arts Educational's 3 Year Film and TV BA Honours course, which would have been a key step in my training. Unfortunately every good story has a bit of a down side and at the time I simply couldn't raise the funds to attend this prestigious school which led me back to square one. I'd be lying if I said it didn't knock me back and there were many times where I thought this wasn't going to be for me. Full time jobs kept me busy and life's ups and downs gave me the experience to hold me in good stead. A few years have passed and now with a pot of money behind me from sheer hard work, I can look to properly give this a go. With the small taste of the industry I got when I was younger I now look to step into the big wide world of the entertainment industry. My main aim? Well being famous certainly isn't it! But to be known for my work and contribution to this great industry, now that is a very different thing. If I can aspire to put together performances like that of Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as Hamlet, or create such realistic characters like that of Eddie Redmayne when he told the story of Stephen Hawkin's life, then I hope that one day some kid is making a website about themselves, but using my name as the inspiration behind it. My short term plan? For this website to look very different in a few years time, full of experiences and work that I can share with whoever wants to see it. My long term plan? Well nobody likes a spoiler... 


Studying at Identity School of Drama!

British Action Academy Phase 2 now complete! A lot harder than the first, but so much more rewarding. I can now fight unarmed, with a Gladius and Shield, Spear and Shield, Double Headed Spear, Two Handed Sword, and a Cutlas. Keep an eye out in those battle scenes in the future!